About us


Imagine your life without a car or a job. Imagine your fears applying for a job with a criminal record or trying to overcome an addiction.

These are the challenges our workforce faces as they seek employment. For practically every one of them the answer to a job application is, “No.” That one word cripples a person’s spirit, suppressing their glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

We are dedicated to helping men and women who have had doors shut in their faces.
We give hope to those others have given up on.
We believe in the life changing power of commitment.

We look at a person for who they are now, not by their past. Not everyone employed at Next Step experiences success, but we are here for every person who is trying to begin a journey of working full-time, taking responsibility for their actions and contributing to their community.

We are here for them. We come alongside them, encouraging them and providing an opportunity for employment. This one opportunity could be their next step for life transformation.

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