Next Step is a faith-based nonprofit employing people coming out of prison or rehab and providing them with a community of support that will help them integrate into the workforce, regain hope and empower themselves to create a better future.

Our Vision

We are committed to hiring people who face the challenge of finding employment out of jail or rehab and connecting them with community support. We walk alongside them in their trials and successes as they develop life skills by working full-time, building relationships in the community and taking steps to transform their lives.

Our Values

Life transformation

We see a person for who they are today and not by their past because we know it’s possible for people to change; we see it happen every day.


By providing employees with continual support and encouragement, they begin to have more faith in themselves and that’s when life transformation occurs.


The unfailing love and support we offer employees stems from our faith. It empowers them to keep fighting, even when the odds are against them.


We strive to create job opportunities that increase financial, social and environment sustainability for our employees, community and organization. Read more...

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