Who We Serve: WHO HIRES Next Step?

Next Step offers construction, property maintenance, assembly and production services to clients. With competitive pricing, precision and timely delivery, we’ve established excellent working relationships with Starbucks, the City of Grand Rapids, local corporations and property owners.

Our crews are supervised by licensed professionals who also have the sensitivity and heart for the crew they supervise. Hiring Next Step provides men and women coming out of prison and rehab with steady work, setting the foundation for life transformation.

Next Step is always looking for new job opportunities for our employees. Have a job that doesn’t fall within construction or manufacturing? Let us know! We’re open to new ideas and will consider what we can do to accommodate your needs.
Please support our mission by letting Next Step bid on your next project.

Scott Jonkhoff



BDA awarded Next Step the contracts with Starbucks to produce more than one million Indivisible bracelets and assemble coffee gift packs.


Kent County Land Bank

The Land Bank contracted Next Step to rehab several houses and maintain the lawns of 200 foreclosed properties. Next Step purchased some foreclosed homes from the Land Bank to renovate and sell when completed.

Construction and Maintenance


ICCF hired Next Step to complete numerous home construction and maintenance projects.
Construction and Maintenance

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