Finding a job out of prison or rehab is difficult when you have a criminal record, struggle with addiction or lack basic work skills. Nearly 60 percent of ex-prisoners remain unemployed a year after their release. The stress of unemployment puts people at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse and almost 2/3 of released inmates return to prison.

Next Step employs men and women released from prison or rehab, giving them the opportunity to get back on their feet by working for a paycheck, improving job skills, establishing job references and taking pride in a job well done.

The manufacturing division allows Next Step to work closely with employees to build relationships, improve job skills and nurture personal growth. Our construction division allows employees to learn a variety of new skills while providing Next Step with sustainable income.

Not having to worry about finding employment allows people to concentrate on improving relationships, housing, income and establishing future goals. We walk alongside employees, connecting them with housing, mentoring, counseling and educational services and giving them hope and encouragement as they make the decision to transform their lives.

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