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I had been in Grand Rapids for a year and my mom and dad were taking care of me. When my mother passed away, I told myself, ‘You need to step up, Leon.’ I could do die cast work and construction. I spent at least a month looking for a job. I struggled with alcohol when I couldn’t find work. I was ready to move back to Benton Harbor.

Someone told me Next Step was hiring. We demoed houses and tried to help other homeowners. In the winter I shoveled snow. Imagine coming off the streets with no hope. Now I look forward to coming to work every day.

From the beginning I have felt nothing but love. Next Step helped my family out physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. Even when you’ve fallen, they take the time to pick you back up. Every morning we start off praying. They stuck by me with their ministry, work and AA class. They taught me how to love. You ought to see the smile on my children’s faces now.

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