Where does your value come from…?

There are (3) lies that we often believe in our modern American culture. (from sermon by Henri Nouwen)


-You are what you have, your possessions.

-You are what you do, your level of productivity.

-You are what other people say about you, your reputation.


Even for those who find their value and hope in God, these are often the criteria we use to judge ourselves, and those around us!  For many on the Next Step team who have spent time in jail, rehab or homeless on the streets, these metrics make it very difficult to have hope, or to see a way forward.  Because of past mistakes, they perceive themselves as not having anything that this world values. This is a LIE.  Our value comes from the reality that when we put our trust in Jesus, we have been adopted, and we become the beloved sons and daughters of God.  Our past does not have the power to define us because of this truth. We can move forward and live in freedom.


This is what each of us needs to remember, whether your life looks good from the outside or not.  At Next Step, this is what we work out together each day.  We are a family, and are intentional about encouraging each other, looking to God for our value, and working hard to move forward in a positive way. We are amazed by the people that God brings through our doors, and all of their different stories.  It is a daily reminder of Grace, and that we have all been greatly forgiven.

We need your support to keep this project going!  Please consider donating to this work, and supporting those who are working hard to build a new life.